Bloom Inks wall textile at Dutch Wall Textile booth, Milan

Our Bloom Inks Collection formed the centrepiece at the stand of Dutch Wall Textile Co. at via Tortona during Milan Design week. Here are some pictures of their presentation. Read more about the collection at our product pages.

The Dutch Wall Textile presentation was suitably hosted in a space that is normally in use as a flower shop.

An antique laundry mangle served as the unlikely starting point for this wall textile collection. Bo had always been intrigued by this impressive antique metal object which his grandmother used to press her linens. He experimented with pressing arrangements of fresh flowers between large sheets of cloth. Stunning ethereal imprints resulted when the flowers were pressed through the rollers, their ‘ink’ bursting onto the textile. Both loose flowers and patterns/compositions were tested. Led by nature, every pressing was completely different.

The flower prints were then scanned in full size in high resolution and translated into patterns while leaving the original shapes and distinctive colours largely unchanged, retaining the spirit of the original pressings – you can almost smell the flowers! This resulted in ethereal kaleidoscopic collages.

Dutch Wall Textile Co. presented several exclusive wall textiles of its new standard collection as well.